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An Approved Maintenance Training Organisation
by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia 

Did you know?

In Malaysia, Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) is the authority body that issues licenses for pilots, air traffic controllers, aircraft maintenance engineers and aircraft maintenance technicians.

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technicians

We inspect and repair aircraft to ensure safety and operational excellence, keeping skies safe for all.

Under the auspice of International of Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), all countries in the world not only licenses the pilots who fly the aircraft, but also Aircraft Engineers and Aircraft Technicians who maintain and release the aircraft safe for flight.


Aircraft technicians play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and airworthiness of aircraft. Their responsibilities involves a wide range of tasks, from routine inspections and diagnostics to  repairs and overhauls, all aimed at ensuring the airworthiness and safety of the aircraft. 

Licensed Aircraft Technicians (LATs) are skilled personnel, who are by law, determine an aircraft is safe and fit to be released for flight.

Aircraft Technicians play a vital role in sustaining the reliability and safety of aircraft, contributing to the confidence of passengers and the smooth operation of aviation worldwide.

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The Training Program

Duration : 22 months (full-time)   |    Qualification : CAAM Part-66 Category A - Aircraft Maintenance Technician's Licence

Min. 800 hours of theoretical and practical training



12 months

On-the-Job Training 

Competency Assessments

Licence Category

Choose one of the following:

Category A1
(Aeroplanes Turbine) 
Category A3
(Helicopter Turbine) 

Entry Requirements

  • Age 18 - 23 years old

  • SPM / O-Level with minimum grade C in English Language, Mathematics & Physics/Science. Diploma holders may also apply

  • Mentally and physically fit, not colour blind

All applicants are required to attend our Admission Assessment prior to joining the training.

Program FAQs

  • Where can I get a Logbook?
    We would prefer students to record their maintenance experience in the APR-ATC's Logbook. You can buy the APR-ATC's Logbook at RM 50.00 from our office. Alternatively, we also accept Schedule of Inspection Work form by DCAM [Form JPA-5 AER (A)] and any EASA 147 Logbooks/Logbook from other DCAM ATOs. The content must be hand-written, in capital letters and in black ink.
  • Who are the Assessors?
    We have a pool of in-house DCAM-Approved Assessors for Category A1, A3, B1.1, B1.3 and B2. They are very experienced Licensed Aircraft Engineers themselves. Do take note that DCAM personnel may also be present in the Assessment as observer(s).
  • How long will an Assessment take place?
    Depending on the students and type of Assessment, do expect an Assessment to be conducted between 3 to 5 hours per session.
  • Can I apply for an Assessment at APR-ATC if I am a student from other ATO?
    No, you can't because we do not conduct Assessment for 'active' students from other DCAM-Approved ATOs, unless he/she has officially withdrawn from that ATO. Do take note that aircraft maintenance experience requirement for students from ATO and AMO is not the same.
  • Can APR-ATC arrange for Assessment during weekends?
    Yes, we can ! We do understand that external students are aircraft maintenance personnel working during the day and on shifts. For Assessment on weekends, we charge additional RM 300.00 per day.
  • I have passed all DCA Examinations for Category A1 and completed my Logbook. But I only have 2 years of aircraft maintenance experience. Can I go for the Assessment now?
    For personnel from an AMO, the required aircraft maintenance experience for Application for Grant of Licence Category A1 is 3 years. We will only accept your application for an Assessment on the 3rd year.
  • I did partial Assessment at another ATO, can I continue my Assessment at APR-ATC?"
    No, you can't. We have our own unique ways in assessing students. Thus, you will have to start over again.
  • What if I failed the Assessment?
    Fret not, we don't fail students for Assessments ! If the 1st Assesment result is deemed unsatisfactory by the Assessors; a) The student will be called for a Re-Assessment, at least 2 weeks after the 1st Assessment,or b) The student will be required to send 'Checkpoints' via email/by hand to the Assessment Unit. If Re-Assessment result is still unsatisfactory, the above process will be repeated. Please take note on the Re-Assessment fee; 1st Re-Assessment - FREE 2nd Re-Assessment - FREE 3rd Re-assessment onwards - RM 300.00 per session.
  • How long do I have to wait for my Assessment result?
    At the end of the Assessment, our Assessors will inform you whether your Assessment is satisfactory or require a Re-Assessment / Checkpoints submission. If satisfactory, please expect a few days for us to arrange for the Final Assessment Recomendation form, signed by our Accountable Manager. This form is to be enclosed with your application for Licence at the DCAM.
  • Why there are no Trade Assessment besides Monday & Tuesday?
    To streamline the Trade Assessment process, we set Monday and Tuesday for the 1st sitting of Trade Assessment. Other days will be utlised for 2nd sitting onwards. For example, your 1st sitting for the Trade Assessment - Turbine Engines is on Monday, 2.30 pm. You are unable to complete the Trade Assessment on the same day, thus you will be scheduled by the Assessor for the next sitting on any Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Why APR-Aviation Training Centre?


With over 20 years experience and having trained more than 5,000 students, we understand the aircraft maintenance training requirements inside out.  We take pride in our team of management and experienced Instructional staff, whom most of them are Licensed Aircraft Engineers themselves.


Pursue your dream in a structured way and in shorter time via an approved training program.


Our collaborations with leading airlines/MROs, both local and regional, ensure you get a great head start for your career. We even arrange for recruitment drives at home ground.


Join hundreds of Licensed Aircraft Engineers and Licensed Aircraft Technicians who attained their Aircraft Maintenance Licence, from APR-ATC.


Get connected instantly with the industry! Be it in local airlines, international MROs in the Middle East countries or in a dynamic general aviation company further up in East Malaysia, you are bound to find someone (or even a handful!)  from APR-ATC.

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APR-Aviation Training Centre Sdn Bhd (708109-K)

No. 22, Jalan Dinar A U3/A, Seksyen U3

Taman Subang Perdana, 40150

Shah Alam, Selangor


03-7845 0133 / 0136

016-362 8908

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