CAAM Part-66 Examinations Conducted At APR-ATC (For External Candidates)

1. Is APR-ATC approved by the CAAM to conduct the CAAM Part-66 Examinations?

Yes, APR-ATC is authorised to conduct CAAM Part-66 Examinations on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia since 1st of November 2013 [Authorisation No.: ATO.003].

We are authorised to conduct CAAM Part-66 Examinations for Category A1, A3, B1.1, B1.2, B1.3 and B2.


2. How many CAAM Part-66 Examinations have APR-ATC conducted?

Up to December 2018, we have conducted examinations for more than 12,000 candidates (for APR-ATC's TAMEs and external candidates).

3. Who is eligible to sit for the CAAM Part-66 Examinations at APR-ATC?

The following candidates are eligible to sit for the CAAM Part-66 Examinations at APR-ATC:


For Full-Module Examination


  • Students who have completed the basic training Category B1.1/B1.3 from approved ATOs and are currently in working in aircraft maintenance

  • Military personnel who are currently working on transport category aircraft, 3 years prior to Roll-Out Date (ROD), 
    with the last 2 years working directly with aircraft

  • Aircraft maintenance personnel with a minimum of 2 years working experience with an aircraft and is currently 
    working in aircraft maintenance


For Licence Conversion/Validation of AMEL Examinations


Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Licence Holder Category B currently working in an aircraft maintenance organisation in Malaysia.


For Licence Extension Examinations


CAAM Aircraft Maintenance Licence holders Category A1/A3/B1.1/B1.2/B1.3 Licence.


For Limitation Removals Examinations


CAAM Aircraft Maintenance Licence holders Category B1.1 (With Limitations) or B1.3 (With Limitations).

4. How much is the CAAM Part-66 Examination fees at APR-ATC?

All CAAM Part-66 Examinations conducted at APR-ATC are parts of our CAAM Part-66 Examination Package (Training and Examination). We currently do not offer Examination only. However, candidates who fail the CAAM Part-66 examination at APR-ATC may apply for a re-sit (Examination only).

The re-sit fee is RM 250.00 for MCQ and RM 300.00 for Essay paper.

5. I passed a few CAAM Part-66 Examinations at CAAM (MaVA). Can I apply to sit for the rest of the module exams at APR-ATC?

Yes, you can!

6. I failed the CAAM Part-66 Module 2 examination at MaVA last month. Can I apply to sit for the Module 2 examination,
scheduled to be conducted at APR-ATC next month?

Candidates who fail the CAAM Part-66 examination are only allowed for a re-sit after 90 days.

7. I have attended training for the respective module, conducted by my employer. Can I book examination only?

All the CAAM Part-66 examinations conducted at APR-ATC are part of our CAAM Part-66 Examination Package (Training and Examination). We do not offer Examination only.


8. ​I am a student currently studying at a CAAM-approved ATO. Can I apply to sit for the CAAM Part-66 examinations at APR-ATC?

We do not allow current students from other ATOs to sit for the CAAM Part-66 examinations at APR-ATC, unless otherwise agreed by the CAAM.

9. I am an A&P Licence Holder. Can I apply to sit for the CAAM Part-66 Examinations at APR-ATC?

We allow aviation personnel who are currently working 'hands-on' with aircraft to sit for the CAAM Part-66 Exam at APR-ATC.


10. How do I apply for the CAAM Part-66 Examination at APR-ATC?

You may apply online here.


11. Can APR-ATC reserve me an examination slot?

Due to a limited number of examination slots, we will only issue a Hall Ticket to candidates who have successfully completed the Application Form and have made full payment prior to the examination.

12. What is the maximum capacity per examination?

We can seat a maximum of 112 candidates at one time at APR-ATC, Subang and 30 candidates at APR-ATC, Kota Kinabalu.


13.​ I have completed the CAAM Part-66 Examination Online Application. What should I do now?

Our Program Department will get in touch with you for the required documents to be submitted and the schedule for training and examination.


Once documents submitted to us have been verified, and the course date and examination dates have been confirmed, payment must be made in full. APR-ATC will then issue the Training Schedule, Examination Schedule and the Hall Ticket for the examination applied. 

14. When can I expect the results to be released?

We strive to release the examination results within 2 weeks (MCQ) and 4 weeks (Essay).

15. How many times does APR-ATC conduct examinations for external students?

Due to high demand on Licence Conversion/Validation of AMEL examinations, we have conducted Module 9 and Module 10 examinations up to 4 times a year. For other modules, we conduct the examinations at least twice a year.

For customised programs, customers may propose to us the examination date.

16. How do I make payment for the CAAM Part-66 Examination?

Payment can be made via cash, debit card, credit card, online transfer and cheque. 

17. I failed the Essay paper. Can I request for a review on my Essay marks?

Review on Essay marks will be done upon meeting a few conditions. Please email us for further information.

18. I have passed Module 9 Essay paper at another ATO. Can I sit for Module 9 MCQ paper at APR-ATC?

It is APR-ATC's policy for external students that they have to sit for both MCQ and Essay (for modules with combined papers) at APR-ATC. If they have passed either one paper at another ATO, they will still have to sit for both papers at APR-ATC.


19. I have yet to receive my CAA Licence. Can I sit for the CAAM Part-66 Module 9 and Module 10 at APR-ATC?

Yes, you can! However, Assessment can only be carried out for candidates who already hold a foreign licence.


20. Does APR-ATC offer Assessment?

Yes, please refer our Assessment page.

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