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Programs: Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician


Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program

For post-SPM students

A comprehensive training program for students with Foundation, Certificate or Diploma that wants to obtain the CAAM Part-66 Category A1 (Aeroplanes Turbine) or Category A3 (Helicopters Turbine) licence.

The Category A licence is a pre-requisite technical qualification for those seeking employment as a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the aviation industry.

Program Outline

  • 800 hours of basic training

  • 12 months of On-the-Job training with operational aircraft

  • Workshop practices for basic engineering skills

  • CAAM examinations

  • Competency assessments

  • Intensive English Language for Aviation course


  • Module 1 (Mathematics)

  • Module 2 (Physics)

  • Module 3 (Electrical Fundamentals)

  • Module 5 (Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems)

  • Module 6 (Materials and Hardware)

  • Module 7 (Maintenance Practices)

  • Module 8 (Basic Aerodynamics)

  • Module 9 (Human Factors)

  • Module 10 (Aviation Legislation)

  • Module 11A (Aeroplanes Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems [for A1])

  • Module 12 (Helicopter Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems [for A3])

  • Module 15 (Gas Turbine Engines)

  • Module 17 (Propeller [for A1])

Entry Requirements

  • 18-23 years old

  • Minimum SPM with at least grade 'C' in Mathematics, Physics/Science and English or SKM certificate / KV Diploma

  • Physically and mentally fit, not colour blind



Mar & Nov

22 months

Course Fee

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