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Programs: Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician


Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Technician Program

For post-Foundation/post-Certificate/post-Diploma students

A comprehensive training program for students with Foundation, Certificate or Diploma that wants to obtain the CAAM Part-66 Category A1 or Category A3 licence. The program includes 800 hours of theoretical and practical training, CAAM examinations, On-the-Job training and Assessment.

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age is 20 years old

  • Have attended any Foundation course at any university/college, or hold a Certificate or Diploma or 'Diploma Kemahiran' from 'Kolej Vokasional'.

  • Minimum grade C in English Language SPM.  (This is a requirement by CAAM for English Language proficiency, thus for those who do not meet this requirement must pass Level 4 English Language Proficiency Test at APR-ATC).

  • Physically and mentally fit, not colour blind.



Mar & Nov

21 months

Course Fee

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CAAM Part-66 Category A Accelerated Program

For aircraft maintenance personnel

A fast-track, full-time program with CAAM Part-66 examinations. Designed specifically to cater to aircraft maintenance personnel, where each module is conducted at least twice a year.  Thus, students will be able to plan their study time and study at their own pace.

All modular courses include training notes and 1st attempt CAAM Examination Fee. Assessment is available as add-on.

Applicable for aircraft maintenance personnel pursuing;

  • Grant of Licence Category A1/A3 

  • Licence Extension Category A1/A3   

Read our Guide towards Category A Licence & Licence Extension.

Entry Requirements

  • Currently working in an Aircraft Maintenance Organisation in Malaysia, or military personnel who are 2 years prior to end of service (Roll-out Date).

  • Minimum 1 year of aircraft maintenance experience

  • Have attended basic aircraft maintenance course.

  • Able to read, write and understand in English Language.




Varies by module

Course Fee

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