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CAAM Part-66 Examination Standards

The passing mark for each of the CAAM Part-66 module/sub-module examination for multi-choice is 75% and essay is 75%.


Candidates must pass all the CAAM Part-66 module/sub-module examinations in the respective Aircraft Maintenance Licence category within a 5-year time period. 


However, the 5-year time period does not not apply to those modules which are common to more than one CAAM Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence category/sub-category, which were previously passed as part of another such category/sub-category examination.


Candidates from ATOs (including TAMEs at APR-ATC) are allowed to re-sit an examination after 30 days of a failed module examination with re-training included. External candidates (those from non-ATOs) are only allowed to re-sit an examination after 90 days of a failed examination.


Below are the question numbers for the CAAM Part-66 Modules/Sub-Modules.


For further details on Basic Examination Standard, please refer to the CAAM Airworthiness Notice 1101, Appendix 2, Issue 1.

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