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Programs: Aircraft Structural Repair Technician Program

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Aircraft Structural Repair (Sheet Metal) Technician Program

For post-SPM/post-Foundation/post-Certificate students

Aircrafts require regular maintenance on its structure as the aircraft sheet metal is exposed to enormous forces during take-off, flight and landing. It is important that the structural repairs are performed by well-trained and skilled sheet metal workers to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly!


Our Aircraft Structural Repair (Sheet Metal) Program [TP-073-3:2012] is a 16-month intensive training course to produce skilled Aircraft Structure Technicians to meet the demand of the aerospace industry in Malaysia and abroad, such as Singapore. 

Graduates of the program will obtain SKM Level 3 Certificate from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) Malaysia and a certificate from APR-ATC. Our graduates have obtained salary up to Diploma's level!

Program Benefits

  • Certificate accredited by Government of Malaysia

  • 100% tuition fee loan by PTPK

  • Monthly allowance of RM 400.00 to RM 600.00

  • Transportation allowance RM 2000.00

  • Uniforms, educational material, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) given


  • Intensive English Language course

  • Aircraft Maintenance courses

    • Materials and Hardware

    • Basic Aerodynamics

    • Human Factors

    • Aviation Legislation

    • Aircraft Systems (Mechanical)

  • Structural Repair (syllabus as per SKM Level 3)

    • Aircraft Structure Inspection (Visual)

    • Aircraft Structure Inspection (Dye Penetrant Inspection)

    • Aircraft Cleaning and Corrosion Control

    • Aircraft Fastening

    • Aircraft Fabrication Repair Works


16 months



>17 years old




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