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A Guide Towards The CAAM Part 66 Category B: 
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence
[as per CAAM Civil Aviation Directive 1801]

How do I obtain the CAAM Part 66 Category B Licence?

(a) Through an approved Maintenance Training Organisation (MTO)

APR-ATC offers a 4-year Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME) program for those pursuing the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's Licence without any prior aircraft maintenance experience.  Thus, if you are fresh out of school with SPM/'O' Level, this is the best option to realise your dream! Nonetheless, students with Certificate or Diploma in Engineering may also opt for this program.

The basic training will comprise of minimum 2,400 hours of knowledge training, knowledge examinations, practical training, and 2 years of practical maintenance experience on operating aircraft as well as oral practical assessments.  

You will be recommended by APR-ATC to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) for the Category B Licence upon successful completion of the basic training program. 

(b) Personnel from Airline/Air Operator or AMO (Aircraft Maintenance

If you are currently employed in an AMO, you may start with registering yourself for the CAAM Part 66 module examinations.  

If you have no previous relevant technical training, the aircraft maintenance requirement is five (5) years. Record your aircraft maintenance experience in a CAAM Part 66 Logbook and get it all validated.

The next step after you have completed all the CAAM Part 66 module examinations and have acquired the aircraft maintenance experience requirements with a Logbook (minimum 5 years), is to go for a practical assessment.

If your AMO does not have a Practical Assessor, you may register at APR-ATC for the Practical Assessment.

For Application for Grant of Licence, a recommendation letter from the AMO you are currently work with is required to support your application to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

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Tips and Advice

1) Category B1 Licence holders cover Category A1 privileges in the respective Category.

However, Category B2 Licence holder must extend their Licence to Category A1 to sign off for Category A1 maintenance tasks.

2) Category B2 Licence enables you to work in both aeroplanes and helicopters. 


3) For evidence of English Language competency, applicant must attain minimum Credit in English Language SPM. For other acceptable qualifications, do enquire CAAM.


APR-ATC also conducts an English Language Proficiency Test and Training. 


4) Applicant for an Aircraft Maintenance Licence shall be at least 21 years of age.

5) The continued validity of an Aircraft Maintenance Licence can be applied for up to 5 years.

What's Next?

1) Extend your Licence to other Category B Licence Categories.

Read more here.

(c) Application from Military Personnel

The first thing you need to know is that you can only apply for the Grant of Licence upon leaving the military service (with evidence from the relevant authority).  Secondly, recommendation for Licence is from an MTO, like APR-ATC.

Thus, we would recommend you to complete the CAAM Part-66 module examinations while in service, preferably the last 2 years prior to your end of service.


You must be directly involved in aircraft maintenance (in military transport aircraft is encouraged) minimum 2 years preceding to the application for Grant of Licence. Do record your experience of maintenance work in military and civil aircraft, certified by the Commanding Officer, and an appropriate person for civil aircraft respectively. We highly suggest you to get the APR-ATC Logbook!

Once you have completed the module examinations and fulfilled the aircraft maintenance requirements, apply to APR-ATC for the practical assessment. Once your Assessment is deemed satisfactory, APR-ATC will recommend you for the Grant of Licence Category B to the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) using Form CAAM/AW/1801-01 (with support of other required documents).


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