FAQ on Assessments

Why there are no Trade Assessment besides Monday & Tuesday?

To streamline the Trade Assessment process, we set Monday and Tuesday for the 1st sitting of Trade Assessment. Other days will be utlised for 2nd sitting onwards. For example, your 1st sitting for the Trade Assessment - Turbine Engines is on Monday, 2.30 pm. You are unable to complete the Trade Assessment on the same day, thus you will be scheduled by the Assessor for the next sitting on any Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Is there a possibility where all sessions are fully-booked?

Yes, there is ! If there are more eligible applicants than the available sessions, we will add more sessions. TAMEs will be notified via the APR-ATC TAME Facebook page on the additional sessions.

Can I cancel a 'Confirmed' session?

Although it is not advisable, but due to unforeseen circumstance, yes you can ! Please forward your 'Confirmed' email to assessment@aeroprecision.com.my with the subject, 'CANCEL'. You may cancel up to 3 days prior to any 'Confirmed' Assessment. After that, a penalty of RM 100.00 will be imposed for cancellation (without a valid reason) or a no-show.

How many Trade Assessment sessions can I book at one time?

You can only apply for 1 session per Trade Assessment.

How to apply for the Final Assessment?

The Program Department will arrange for the Final Assessment once you have completed all Trade Assessment. Unless otherwise advised, Final Assessment will only be conducted on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.

How to book for 2nd sitting of the Trade Assessment?

For now, the online application is for 1st sitting only. 2nd sitting onwards will be managed by the Assessors themselves.

Why is my application is Not Successful?

The reason(s) might be; a) The date/time/venue chosen is not included in the schedule b) This session has been booked by another candidate c) You did not pass the required DCA Examinations for this Trade Assessment d) Your Logbook did not meet the 70% requirement for this Trade Assessment e) You have outstanding course fee payment Please contact the Program Department for clarification.