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Programs: Limitation Removals - Category B1.1

Starting 1st of January 2014, Malaysian Aircraft Maintenance Engineer's

Licence (AMEL), issued under previous licensing system which was based on

British Civil Aviation Requirements (BCAR) Section L, issued in accordance with

Airworthiness Notice No. 5, will have the licence converted to CAAM Part-66

Licence format upon renewal of licence.


The converted CAAM Part-66 Category B Licences will come with Limitations,

as stipulated in the Airwothiness Notice No. 1101, Appendix 6, Issue 1. 

CAAM Part-66 Category B (With Limitations) Licence holders may remove the

Limitations in their Licences by sitting for the required modules/part-modules

examinations as per the Limitation Number.

Candidates are subject to an Assessment prior to submitting the application for Limitation Removals at the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM).

Applications for Assessment at our training institution can be made after passing the relevant modules and part-modules under the respective Limitation Numbers. 


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