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About Us

About Us

Aero Precision Consultants

The APR consultancy division is dedicated to the founding business enterprise, Aero Precision Consultants (APC) which started the APR organisation.


It engages mainly in activities involving aviation consultancy services on aviation-related projects, airworthiness requirements, projects and proposal evaluation.


These activities are categorised as follows:

  • Aviation projects including project management - from start-up to crisis management, project proposal and project evaluation

  • Aircraft sales, leasing and charter; all types of aircraft (aeroplanes
    & helicopter) for specific and/or general applications ranging from aerial

    survey, charter transport (passenger or cargo), cloud seeding to leisure flying


  • Independent audits for aircraft maintenance and aircraft manufacturing organisations

  • Airworthiness requirements and regulatory compliance of organisational set-up for Air Operating Permit (AOP), Air Operating Certificate (AOC), maintenance organisation and/or aircraft manufacturing.

  • Aircraft Inspections

  • Aircraft agency and contracts

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